Promote best practices and ensure your drivers are protected on the roads with Kynection Kameras

Kynection’s cameras are integrated devices that have an in-cabin camera and a road facing camera all in one, making it simple to ensure every angle is captured on the road. The cameras come in a small, compact size and with a sleek installation it’s never been easier to get your cameras up and running. When you combine these cameras with our software you’ll be able to monitor all potential incidents and risks on the road.

An in-vehicle monitoring system (IVMS), is an electronic device that can be installed in your vehicle to help your drivers stay safe on the road.An IVMS can monitor your drivers activities and identify any dangerous behaviours such as excessive speed, harsh braking, rapid acceleration or drowsiness while driving. This tool can store data for later retrieval, or transmit it to a receiver. This allows you to analyse your drivers safety and driving practices, assisting organsations that operate commercial vehicles to reduce their rate of incidents.

Kynection offers an integrated in-vehicle camera recording system into the overall Compliance and Mobile Productivity System, which provides a number of benefits relating to risk management and driver performance.

  • Multi-camera installations for forward, driver, and side-facing event capture.
  • Simple installation and remote camera configurations.
  • Tamper-proof hardware to reduce SIM and SD card removal.
  • GPS tracking with real-time vehicle location.
  • Driver Monitoring System (DMS) to detect drowsiness and distraction.
  • Facial recognition for driver authentication.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to notify management of real-time road safety breaches.
  • Integrated event-driven alert with resolution management.
  • Trip playback with time-lapse to provide protection against false accident claims.
  • In-cabin driver training by AI safety assistant.
  • Driver panic button for emergency situations.
  • Automatic data capture and storage to the cloud.

We can be your eyes and ears on the road

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