Growing Your Business with One System

Growing Your Business with One System

When businesses begin to grow in size, success generally means more people to manage. The challenging factor is that the more people you need to manage – the more people you need to manage the people!

Office based businesses tend to have less administrative impact than field based businesses due to the remote nature of work, that staff are often working without direct management and information collected takes longer to collate and review. 

With paper-based systems this can be even more challenging, as data stored on paper can not be easily stored and transferred to the necessary people to ensure visibility across the entire operation. Paper systems are limiting because they do not allow real-time visibility and accessibility and are not capable of keeping up with the growth of businesses today.

Many businesses grow to a point where it is no longer efficient to use manual systems because the volume of jobs is too high. The best solution in this case is to transition to a paperless system for visibility across job functions, data capture and client delivery, ensuring growth is managed and profitable.

Paper-based systems can damage your business

Field-based businesses need visibility over all aspects of the daily workflow. If tasks can’t be managed efficiently, then the quality of service may be lacking, making it more difficult to grow the business.

Paper systems don’t provide your business with the visibility you need to monitor all jobs effectively. Paper is easy to lose, easy to fill out incorrectly, and easy to forget. With paper systems in place your business will struggle to grow under the administration burden of data entry.

one system approach

Grow your business on glass and from the palm of your hand with ONE SYSTEM

Having increased visibility and accessibility will open your business up to significant growth, especially with the right system in place. Using a cloud-based, mobile application means you can access your database at any time at the touch of a button. You won’t need to dig through a stack of paperwork to find the right form anymore. An online system means you can search find and collate data easily and engage with clients in a controlled and accurate manner.

It becomes much easier to grow your business when you have access to all the information you need in your pocket or mounted in your vehicle. You can take your system out into the field with you and keep on top of jobs and sales at the same time.

Give your team the power to run projects and jobs with a powerful CRM tool:

  • Predict sales/tenders more accurately
  • Check what stage the sale/tender is at
  • Manage the sales process more efficiently
  • Access data online or offline and from anywhere
  • Record and track correspondence
  • Transition the sale into a project/job folder automatically

With a digital technology platform you can provide your staff with the ability to track phone calls, manage meetings, make notes, and set up tasks, so that it is easy for them to close deals and run operations to help grow your business.

Swap the manual systems for real-time visibility

Businesses may have used paper systems for a long time, but they are no longer the most efficient way for growing a business. With a paper system in place you will eventually be overwhelmed with the amount of administration work required to keep the business running. As more jobs start to come through your system you will find that your business struggles to keep track of all the paperwork.

A paper-based system can’t offer your business the visibility that a digital system can. A paperless system gives you access to real-time visibility over sales and jobs, allowing you to get live updates from the field through cloud-based technology. You can process sales at a much faster rate and ensure jobs are being created and scheduled efficiently and effectively with all of the information accessible in one system.

one system for growth

The ONE SYSTEM approach

Using a digital system allows your business to manage the day-to-day tasks in a more practical way. With increased visibility and accessibility to your staff and jobs it becomes easy to ensure that your business is running smoothly. You can keep on top of everything that is occurring in the field from a mobile application, giving you the ability to take your work with you wherever you go. 

Transitioning from a paper system to paperless technology could give your business the change it needs to move forwards and continue to succeed into the future. Now is the time to start analysing your systems to find the gaps and then work with a partner that can help fill the gaps, preferably without the need for dozens of applications. Ask for the ‘one system’ approach because change management is everything.

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