Getting Your SWMS Right When Working on High-Risk Sites

Getting Your SWMS Right When Working on High-Risk Sites

When working on high-risk construction sites, it is crucial to have a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) in place to ensure that your employees and subcontractors are as safe as possible. A well written SWMS document allows you to control any risks on site and keep your team happy and safe. Managing your SWMS on paper can sometimes be a difficult task… So why not switch to new smart electronic forms (e-forms)? 

In this article we will take you through everything you need to know about your Safe Work Method Statements in KIM.

Did you know that controlling high risk work activities on site is your legal obligation? Did you know that by law you must have a system in place which allows you to consult and inform workers in a timely manner of any matters which may affect their health and safety at work? Of course you did… But did you know that it can all be done quickly and easily from your mobile phone?

KIM’s QHSE Module includes a customisable SWMS smart-form that allows your staff to easily read, evaluate and make necessary changes to any risks, controls or conditions on site, report emergencies and changes and assign tasks to specific people in real time. You can easily download and share a completed PDF with your clients, contractors and other third-parties as needed with a click of a button.

The list below includes examples of High Risk tasks that can be typically found in a SWMS:

  • Works involving demolition activities
  • Works involving removing and/or disturbing asbestos
  • Works involving confined spaces
  • Works involving operation near chemical, fuel or gas pipes 
  • Works on or near energised electrical installations and lines
  • Works involving tilt-up or precast concrete, and more.

Your electronic KIM SWMS form, will also help you ensure that all workers on your project have completed applicable training requirements, wearing the right PPE and hold needed licences. 

KIM’s SWMS Smart-form saves you from repeating data-entry or filling-in of basic site information, such as address, contact details, required PPE, emergency procedures and more – by quickly creating your form directly against your site, contact or project of choice. KIM allows you to add images, data sheets and additional procedures to your SWMS and ensure that everyone involved in the job gets access to all key information in real time.  

KIM’s electronic SWMS form includes your risk matrix and allows your staff the visibility of all available information about the site. While on site, your staff can view and confirm risk ratings, control measures and any changes to the original plan based on the current given site conditions at the time. 

Before commencing work on site, simply bring up the form on your mobile phone or tablet, review the risks and sign the form as a team. With KIM you can easily include it in your prestart toolbox routine.

Other benefits of switching to KIM’s SWMS form include: 

  • Saving time – There is no need to carry paperwork around or worry about accidentally damaging, losing or missing important information – let alone stressing about unreadable hand-writing. KIM’s forms have mandatory forced workflows that will ensure the form is completed and shared both quickly and accurately from any mobile device. 
  • Enhance compliance- When working in construction you need to be aware of the regulations and codes that apply to your job. By following your KIM SWMS documents, you can ensure that your team takes the right steps to stay safe and keep other people safe at work.
  • Improve communication- KIM’s SWMS take communication to the next level – with KIM you can automatically assign responsible parties and allocate tasks, ensure that staff has read and understood requirements, risks and control measures, timely share completed SWMS, and of course – communicate any changes as needed. 

Here at Kynection we have your safety management and compliance needs covered with our SWMS. We can make it easy for businesses who need to complete SWMS regularly or even on a weekly  basis. We know that completing SWMS by hand on paper can be time consuming, and also pose the risk of losing or damaging the physical copy. Why not make the switch from paper to glass? Digital copies also mean that you can have all your documentation stored within the ONE SYSTEM!  

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