Flick on the Switch With KIM

Flick on the Switch With KIM

There is a reason why we do things. Think about it… We use umbrellas in winter because we don’t want to get wet. We prefer using messaging apps that provide us with read-receipts, because we don’t like the uncertainty of not knowing if our message was read or not. We carry an extra jerrycan of petrol in our car – because you just don’t know what might happen on country roads and whether or not you will always find a service station on time. Everything we do, can be justified by at least one logical reason.

After all, if you can take an easy measure of precaution to ensure your safety and comfort in risky or uncomfortable situations – why not do it? 

And as the song goes “if we’re gonna do it, do it right…” Right means – effectively, efficiently, cost-effectively and in the best possible practical way.

For example:
Replacing printed maps and travel guides with GPS devices. 

– Replacing Written Work Diaries with Electronic Work Diaries

– Replacing paper-based systems with digital systems 

Replacing a multitude of different management systems with one integrated system

– Replacing a multitude of different tools and apps with one system 

Replacing old ineffective vehicle cameras with smart AI dash-cameras 

You could say that as a species we are wired to minimise stress – to find solutions to stressful and inconvenient situations… and from that perspective wanting to be aware of danger and be prepared enough to mitigate them or minimise their impacts is our innate response.

Most technology innovations are developed to remove or minimise a certain form of stress and increase our ability to access tools that were previously beyond our reach.

Take for example Electrical Light – it eliminates the fears and discomforts of doing things in dark or poorly lit areas, and eliminates the stress that comes from using candles by providing a more reliable source of light – allowing us to associate gentle candle light with more romantic atmospheres. 

Strange as it may sound. Business Management and Heavy Vehicle technology aims to do the same! 

Here at Kynection, we understand that light alone does not provide enough visibility. And even in broad daylight and with all your lights on – without effective management systems in place, you will still have organisational and financial distress and a big dark shadow covering your assets, maintenance and inventory. This is the stress that our technology and equipment management solutions are able to resolve.

Our suite of equipment management tools are backed by GPS technology which can give you real time visibility of where your assets are located, how they’re being utilised and how much they’re costing your business. Our state-of-the-art technology can give control of where your assets are located, when they’re used, plus ensure they’re GPS tracked and immobilised in cases of theft.  

To flick on the switch call the team at Kynection.. We will have you covered!

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