Fan Engagement is Critical in Sport and so Are After Sales Service Obligations

Fan Engagement is Critical in Sport and so Are After Sales Service Obligations

Handle warranty claims as well as players handle curveballs on the field.

As part of the sales and marketing process, you need to be able to manage warranty claims effectively within your business. The process of managing warranties can be complicated enough without adding in the burden of organising everything manually on paper. Using technology can help ensure that the warranty process is maintained and that clients are treated fairly when it comes to warranty claims. 

Having a paperless system for managing warranty claims will provide your business with the following benefits:

  • Easy way of identifying the closest and most efficient personnel for servicing
  • Storing payment information for more accurate reporting
  • Keeping tighter control over coverage inclusions
  • Accurate reflection of the nature of the warranty claim

If you can build a warranty program that handles claims management effectively and quickly, you will remove a lot of the hassle of handling warranties within your business. Using one-system for warranty claims will ensure out-of-date claims are available at the click of a button, and that ‘in claim’ warranties are scheduled and actioned immediately. The after-sales service levels provided are directly aligned to word-of-mouth, so it’s critical to ensure that your sales and marketing processes are designed to positively impact on how your clients see you.

Ensure customer delight by keeping your team informed so that they can always perform at their best.

Having access to information on demand on a phone, tablet, or computer ensures that you can keep your customers happy throughout the entire sales and marketing process. Having automated processes in place for your clients will reduce the administrative burden on your business and free up your team members to spend more time on your clients.

Your team is only as good as the system they use to manage their daily work. Make sure every game is at their best by investing in the best tools for your business, just like a professional sports team.

Information can be incredibly powerful in maintaining your clients’ successes and your own. When it comes to client engagement it’s essential that you make the process as seamless and as painless as possible. Even when it comes to issues that may cause tension in the sales and marketing process, how you interact with your clients will impact on whether you see repeat business or not in the future.

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Providing your team and your clients with the most up-to-date information in a timely manner means everyone has the data they need to make decisions more effectively. It’s easy to do your job properly when you have all the information you need, but not so much when you’re waiting on outdated processes to gain an understanding of how things are progressing.

Giving your team members the power to have more control in and on the field of play.

Using a digital, integrated system means your team has the ability to make decisions on the fly, update projects from the field, and receive updates in real time from the head office. Paperless solutions are about more than just having access to the data you need on a mobile device or tablet, as they also allow your team to work smarter, not harder.

Stay in control of the ball for longer on the field with the right structures in place.

As part of the after sales service you need to be able to provide your clients with clear and accurate information. When you’re putting your sales and marketing processes together you need to ensure that this is at the forefront of the planning, as vague statements and misinformation won’t leave your clients wanting more.

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By being transparent with your clients every time you’ll be able to build stronger relationships and have a higher chance of seeing repeat business in the future.

Warranty is not something to be sneezed at and requires high levels of diligence combined with quality systems and processes. Without a digitally integrated system the likelihood of your warranty claims program being profitable is highly unlikely.

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