Excite New Customers – They Want An Experience Like the Buzz You Get From Your First Mouthful of A Well-Crafted Beer

Excite New Customers – They Want An Experience Like the Buzz You Get From Your First Mouthful of A Well-Crafted Beer

Taste The Flavour of Success When You Uplift Your Sales, Tendering and Quoting System

When you’re in the process of acquiring new business it can be easy to fall into the trap of quantity over quality. You obviously want your business to be profitable, but you also need to ensure you are selecting the right jobs for your business. This is where a sales, tender and quoting system provides significant value.

Without a name, beer is nothing, just another amber liquid on a shelf. To start a craft beer brewery you need to make sure the first interaction with the client is exceptional, because that is exactly what separates your brand. 

The manufacturing industry is no different, particularly when it comes to choosing which jobs you take and which jobs could impact your reputation, bottom line and your reputation. And your reputation is your brand and name in the manufacturing industry

The jobs that you choose to take will define your business and will often be the difference between success and failure. Like our friends who make beer for a living it’s important to make the best possible choices for your business at the front end and like every business it’s critical to look at what steps your team is undertaking during the sales, tendering and quoting process.

Pre-tender work and quoting requires a significant amount of effort to ensure all variables are considered and that risks are understood and managed. Getting it right at the front of the shop is the easiest way to ensure profit. Understanding previous works undertaken, and which were profitable or unprofitable, will provide you with the template for success.

Would a brewery sell beer without creating a name or trademarking their brand? Would a brewery sell their produce for less than the cost of manufacture? No. So why would you try and sell your services and products without a proper sales, tender and quoting system in place?

A paperless sales, tender and quoting system like Kynection’s one-system approach will allow you to manage deadlines, conversions, contracts, jobs, and tasks in one place.You can rest assured that your business is well-placed to effectively price and assign resources to the sales process with a real-time view of your team availability, company assets and production resources from the palm of your hand. 

With a paperless system you can ensure you have a single source of truth for all your data, with an easy interface to understand wins and losses from the past. Give your sales team the best chance of success by providing them with the best systems available.

You’re Only as Good as Your Suppliers, so Avoid Mistakes like Adding Cordial to Quality Craft Beer.

Managing your supply chain effectively will ensure that you get the best pricing, quality produce, the most reliable delivery, and the confidence that your product is the bomb! With up-to-date pricing and an understanding of supply side constraints you will be able to negotiate better and streamline the sales process.

Suppliers are critical for an upstart Craft Brewery. Without a good relationship with suppliers all manufacturers risk consistency and quality outcomes. To build customer growth every company including Beer Brewers need to know their client intimately and to stand out they need to find a competitive edge other than price.

You need to ensure that your suppliers have the right qualifications and can provide you with the products you need, when you need them. Reliability is important in the manufacturing industry and if you don’t receive the products you need in time reputation can be put on te line. Having a system that manages your supply chain is part of any effective sales process. Your reviews, word of month and recommendations are intimately linked between your offer and the finished product.

For a Craft Brewery the placement of the premise, ease of access for suppliers and customers, location to distribution all become upfront factors that need to be well researched and considered.

Don’t allow your business to suffer because you don’t have the information you need at hand. If you have to chase suppliers for data during the sales process you’re creating a larger administrative burden for your team and adding more risk at the front end. Your ability to access information and provide templated outcomes that are known to be successful is the same as running a bottle line. You run out of bottles, amber liquid, caps or any other element you will not be able to fulfil your promise and for most businesses, the delivery of your promise is the fastest way to new business.

Using a paperless system allows you to manage all of your business components in one place. It is easy for customers and suppliers to upload documentation and provide you with the data you need to get the job done. You can easily onboard new suppliers and ensure they are complying with your standards to ensure consistency across the board. With a sales, tender and quoting system you might be able to win the job, but without an easy way to work with suppliers you might not be able to complete it.

Maintaining Effective Communication and Accessing Knowledge for a Competitive Advantage – Don’t be that Company that Functions like 10 Beers in!

Keeping track of your communications with customers, or potential customers, allows you to maintain a front-foot advantage. When communication is poor, no matter the circumstance the results never land like you would hope. We have all experienced how poorly we function when our mind and body is not in unison and business is the same. If you create weaknesses in business, like having too many craft beers does for your memory, or being stressed through excessive tiredness –  the chinks will appear. 

Finding a new customer can be much harder than maintaining an existing one so no matter what you do, make sure you don’t do the following. :

  1. Always provide the highest possible likelihood for winning new business you can
  2. Don’t lose the customers you have by providing poor service delivery
  3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket  – know where you are successful and spread your customer portfolio

This means you need to ensure that your sales process is extremely professional and your post-sales delivery and support is exceptional. The experience you deliver through the customer acquisition process generally flows into the customer delivery experience. Consistency is created through the systems and tools you give your teams to be the best they can be.

Communication is key in any business, including with craft brewing. Brewery owners need to ensure they comply with local and government legislation by applying for a beer manufacturing licence and running to international quality standards. Quality and professionalism cannot be understated.

With an effective customer success framework in place you will be able to provide customers with a method of engagement after the sales process. You need a solid, digital framework to maximise the impact the engagement has on your customers. Through a centralised platform you will be able to manage leads through the cycle from acquisition to success and view snapshots along the way using business intelligence databases. When you do this in a transparent manner you build trust, which is why Craft Breweries love showing their wares in plain site. They want you to see you are drinking what they are making in front of you.

Think about your local brewery. How did you find out about it, and what made you want to go back? Good communication and solid first impressions ensure your customers are happy, and when your customers are happy, so is your business.

Having one-system in place to measure the customer journey will help you to refine each stage within your business to ensure an enjoyable customer experience. Once you’ve won new customers using a sales, tender and quoting system like those offered by Kynection or MYOB you need to ensure that they want to come back, and want to continue working with you. Make sure your customers enjoy their journey just as much as they enjoy craft beer and you’ll be well on your way to winning repeat business.

Kynection are fortunate to work on the Mornington Peninsula and recommend some of the following Craft Breweries who have had great success because they get the importance of creating a special experience and providing quality outcomes of taste:

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