ERP – From Water to Shore and Beyond!

ERP – From Water to Shore and Beyond!

Whether you are a believer in the theory of evolution or not, some events in the business world make it rather hard to ignore the fact that discomfort is the ultimate fuel of transformation and success.

We all know that of all habitats on earth, aquatic habitats are the safest and most comfortable ones for fish. So you can imagine that if anything could make a fish get out of its natural habitat and start walking on sand – there must have been some great deal of discomfort involved in it.

Surprisingly, scientists have already discovered some incredible similarities between our brain, and that of fish. However, we are a lot more advanced and evolved than most aquatic life forms – which is also why we are naturally drawn to exploring any changes in our surroundings and using them to our advantage.

Today’s article is the story of SAP.

Clause 7 of the ISO Standard talks about Support. It relates to Support from the employee perspective and says – “Hello, Mr/Ms Business owner… Did you know that you must provide your staff the tools, knowledge, support, resources and infrastructure they need to fulfil their duties?” and – “…Did you know that you also need to ensure that you have measuring, monitoring, communication and documentation processes in place?”
Which is one of the points at which organisations say “That’s it! We need a system, or if you’re big enough, Enterprise Resource Planning software!” (or ERP). Well… maybe not in those exact words. 

The idea to create the ultimate ERP system started as a small project by a group of German Programmers in 1972 in a time of great economic reforms in Germany fueled by the first snap election the country faced since 1949. Was it the rise of the Free Democratic Party that allowed the change? Who knows? One thing is certain – something happened exactly at the right place and at the right time.

This small fish, initially known as “System Analysis Program Development” started grabbing one win after another, rapidly moving around and quite literally devouring any competition that got in its way. The idea of creating ONE SYSTEM to integrate ALL business processes and allowing organisations a much higher visibility of their resources was remarkably new – it was nothing short of revolutionary for its time. It’s therefore not a surprise at all that less than 20 years later – the little fish had made its hop out of its familiar pond and out into the global market!

About SAP

SAP has over 440,000 small to midsize customers in over 180 countries worldwide and employs over 102,430 employees. It still aims to make its customers’ lives easier by providing a strong and comprehensive range of HR, Supply Chain, ERP and Finance, CRM and other products.

SAP continues to acquire other businesses and add more capabilities into its already vast portfolio, including IoT and Machine Learning. 

Without a leap of faith, SAP would not have existed today.

But what is the link between SAP and clause 7 of the ISO standard?

Well, as a matter of fact, there are two. The first link  is that in order to achieve their success and grow both in size and in capability, SAP built strong team communications, trained and provided them with the support and the infrastructure they needed and were keen on ensuring that their roles were clear and their responsibilities were well understood.

And the second link that the ERP system created allows organisations that take on the SAP system to do exactly the same, by keeping their resources under full control. And haven’t they made a brilliant business out of that!

Like SAP you can also open your doors to new horizons and achieve great success, but unlike SAP – You don’t have to make any ground shattering moves. By simply moving from Paper to Glass, you can give your business the digital backbone it needs to stay strong and capable for years to come. Just like SAP set the groundwork for large enterprise in the 20th century, let Kynection help define your technology evolution in the 2st century, because when SAP started there wasn’t even a whisper of powerful computers in your pocket! 

So while you’re contemplating how your company can improve value through systems, why not come and explore KIM, Kynection’s unique digital backbone, to help lift your field force outcomes with data integrations that magically lift those accounting software packages you currently use, whether it’s SAP, Xero, MYOB or Reckon. 


KIM is ALL in ONE. It is a crm, a human resources management software, a Workplace Communication platform, an equipment management software and an overall business management solution like no other. 

KIM is a business solution that allows organisations to manage risks, assign actions, complete, read and investigate reports, record meeting notes, manage equipment, projects, inventory, payroll and more. KIM also has you covered with fully ISO certified Policies, Procedures and Forced digital workflows for Health and Safety, Environment and Quality. 

Interested in learning more about how Kynection could help your business? Get in touch today to set up a demonstration or email us at contact@kynection.com 

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