Ensure Your Customers Return to You as Smoothly as the SpaceX Crew Dragon Returns to Earth with Electronic Forms Software

Ensure Your Customers Return to You as Smoothly as the SpaceX Crew Dragon Returns to Earth with Electronic Forms Software

Don’t burn your clients mid-flight. Providing transparency throughout the flight sequence (customer journey) will build their confidence in you.

Towards the end of the customer journey it’s important to take advantage of electronic forms software to provide your customers with the information they need. To ensure your success, and theirs, your customers need to be confident enough in your ability to deliver that they’ll come back again and become returning customers.

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Completing the customer journey is just like landing a spaceship. It takes time, dedication, and the right electronic forms software for the job.

The customer journey might seem complicated but with the right system and processes in place it doesn’t have to be. Electronic forms software allows your team immediate access to client information and a transparent method for customers to easily access the information they need. They’ll be more confident in your ability to deliver to site if you’re open with your (their) data.

The Crew Dragon’s return to Earth will be a two-day flight sequence. It must slowly exit the 200 metre bubble around the ISS before conducting more phasing burns to lower its orbit.

With a client portal and electronic forms software you can ensure your customers can provide feedback and complaints smoothly, allowing you to respond quickly to ensure their continued success. If your customers feel like they are being heard and their concerns are being addressed, then they are much more likely to become returning customers. Keep your customers happy and they’ll be happy to come back.

Information is Everywhere, but intelligent information is liquid gold or monomethyl hydrazine for Space X Dragons.

It is easy to provide your customers with the facts, but can you provide them with intelligent dashboards and real-time updates? Facts should be easy to find these days, but in paper the ability to collate and present data is a manually intensive approach. If you want to ‘wow’ your customers, providing the ability to self serve information or send reports through the click of a button will provide this solution. This is only possible with eForms.

As it gets closer to Earth, the Crew Dragon spacecraft will jettison its service module, known as its ‘trunk’, before conducting a deorbit burn that will send it plummeting into Earth’s atmosphere.

You can’t afford to let the customer journey lag behind if you want them to keep coming back for more. Using electronic forms software and a powerful CRM tool you can ensure your customer’s success even when things start to heat up. With an engine that can allow users to create unique capture methods for challenging information anywhere on mobile or web and accessible from the field, customers can get the data they need to achieve their objectives quickly, but also provided in a format that meets their standards. When critical client data can be automatically compiled and then presented back in a format that saves time for the customer a synergistic relationship occurs.

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Crew Dragon jettisons its trunk during re-entry to clear the spacecraft’s heat shield and prepare for splashdown. Get rid of the paperwork that’s weighing your company down and you’ll be able to complete your mission and return customers to your business every time.

If you want to get rid of the administrative burden that’s holding you back from being able to consistently bring customers back, it’s time to look at a paperless system. It’s impossible to keep track of all your customers and where they are at in their customer journey using paperwork. Using a paperless system you will be able to see exactly what’s happening and manage Chain of Responsibility and compliance using intelligent business dashboards and eForms.

The Dragon Crew will enter the Earth’s atmosphere travelling at a speed of around 27,000 km/hour, and the friction of particles in the atmosphere will create a drag force slowing it down drastically while heating the outside of the capsule to temperatures nearly as hot as the sun.

If you can’t travel as fast as your customers then you’ll never be able to keep up with their service demands. With electronic forms software you can easily link “out of the ordinary” data collection with key items like pickups and drop offs, job status, maintenance requirements, time collection, materials receipts etc..providing updates in real-time from the road. With information at your fingertips you can view your business from anywhere, boat, car, plane or island. Land your customers safely through every job, time and time again and they’ll be a returning customer in no-time.

Are you burning the right amount of fuel? It’s important to ensure you are running to the profit you believe.

It’s important to ensure the success of your customers, but if you don’t have a string handle on your operations and how effectively you are collecting works, then no-one is going to be happy. If you get to the end of the customer journey and are unsure what profit you are running, you could be in big trouble. Almost as much trouble as a spacecraft without parachutes, so think processes and outcomes first and foremost, tick all the boxes along your customer journey and implement systems that work from first engagement to job completion and closeout. Make the trip to space and back a fait de accompli. Make everything attainable, measurable and always improvable.

Once the Crew Dragon has completed the fiery re-entry phase of its return flight, the spacecraft will deploy its four Mark 3 parachutes. With a paperless system you can ensure you don’t have disconnections between your team on a daily basis.

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Throughout the customer journey you need to be able to track progress and ensure you’re still going to be able to make a profit. If you’re using a paperless system this is almost impossible to achieve. How do you know where your assets are? Can you see when the next due date is? Are materials running up higher than expected? Is labour creeping? Have

The parachutes slow down the vehicle as it descends for a gentle splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida. Using eForms as a key component of your systems means your customer journey could smooth like Space X.

If you only fulfil the basics, the guy next door will be there and you will be putting your customers at risk. You need to be able to instill confidence in your ability to deliver and comply with regulations, to provide above and beyond, if you want to keep your customers happy. If you’re in the dark, they will be too. With a centralised database for all your information and job and trip data it is easy to see how you’re tracking and when you’ll be able to deliver for your customers. You can keep them updated easily so they have the confidence to make their own business decisions. 

If you want your business to run like SpaceX then don’t launch your rockets unless you’re sure you can land them every time without fail. When looking to improve your systems make sure that you have an integrated strategy to enable every part of the customer journey to work in harmony.

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