Ensure Delight From Kickoff to Final Siren. Make Your Project and Job Delivery Worldclass With a Scheduling App

Ensure Delight From Kickoff to Final Siren. Make Your Project and Job Delivery Worldclass With a Scheduling App

Looking the the part means nothing if you step onto the field unprepared. It’s time to put the effort into a paperless scheduling app.

It is critical to have a smooth flow between the quote and the client delivery, and a paperless scheduling app can help with that. Once you have won the business through sharp pricing , and effective negotiation, it is critical to deliver for profit. Imagine having client-specific project and job plans being created directly from the estimation and invoiced works automatically. 

Getting people to your front door is one thing, but keeping them there is another thing altogether. You can buy the most expensive shoes and clothes, but if you step onto the field or court unprepared it won’t make a difference. History shows us that unless you put the time into delivery, your likelihood of high performance and recurring success is diminished. 

The benefits of automating kickoff documentation are substantial. Not only does it help with client delivery execution, it also saves time and money for both the client and your business. Automating the process with a scheduling app also means you will have access to all project & job documentation at a point in time. This helps to eliminate any potential delays or surprises. With automated kickoff documentation, agreed project delivery milestones and defined project parameters will flow through from the sales process smoothly and efficiently. 

Relying on natural talent and “she’ll be right” will only get you so far on the field across your success journey. Routines are important in your training if you want to succeed.

Putting a routine in place for customer delivery that is repeatable and successful is as addictive as watching your favourite sports team win. An automated kickoff process will free up your team members to do more strategic work on behalf of the client. Automating project and job documentation allows you to focus on what you do best, rather than being bogged down by the process on every new project or job..

Make your business playbook unbeatable by implementing better scheduling and delivery processes.

With a scheduling app you can make handover to the delivery team simple and frictionless. No-one can argue with the truth, especially when it is presented efficiently and accurately. When you reach this phase of the project or job, efficiency and accuracy are tied critically to success. 

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Having the right tools in place to give you a seamless transition to peak performance from training to game day relates closely to the transition from first invoice to project and job delivery and final payment!

Using the most up-to-date software and hardware in your business ensures you have the edge to always stay at peak performance. Relying on paper-based systems is the same as living in the past, and to work towards the future you need a system that is capable of doing so.

Your level of research and defined playbooks combine with the tactics you design define how you approach the competition.

The experience you deliver throughout your customer enrolment and delivery process will determine three critical elements of success:

  • Customer happiness and confidence
  • Likeliness to repurchase or use again
  • Preparedness to refer or suggest to friends and colleagues

There is no room in today’s market to screw up on the playbook. There is too much riding on it. Sponsorship, multi-year contracts and big pay days.

When it comes to your system and your data, the software you use will become as crucial as the services your business provides. With a paperless scheduling app you can keep track of your business and ensure you’re on task and keeping to important deadlines. Intelligent dashboards can provide a custom view of your success measurements and allow you to keep the necessary information by trapping data.

Invoice like an accountant, first time every time. Let a scheduling app do the hard work for you.

Results are normally measured in dollars and cents, but more often than not it’s how you manage your cents that accounts for how many dollars you get to count. Having effective systems in place, particularly systems that link sales with delivery makes the job of counting cents easier.  Under “one-system” approach you have the ability to access important information as and when it happens, not after the fact.

So, the playbook has been set and the players have put in the work effort to show they want to be a part of the team. Although individual motivations may vary, each member will visualise themselves against their peers and potential competition. Like a sports team, having team stats and understanding performance becomes an important part of any company’s push for growth.

The advent of the digital age has significantly changed the way people think about and manage their people and business finances. We live in a time when business solutions are easier to come by, faster and more convenient than ever before. So why not take advantage of it?

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With computerised communication and modern digital tools – like scheduling apps, project management tools, job scheduling solutions, integrated accounting packages – and more your team can work together on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. There are no longer excuses to high performance working environments and cultures.

Coaches, like project managers, are responsible for the way the playbook is rolled out. They are individually responsible for the delivery but wholly connected to the team to achieve the delivery.

Being able to work as a team is integral to the success of your business. With paperless technology at your fingertips, managing project or job deliveries becomes simpler. You can easily see progress on projects, when invoices are sent, and what tasks are scheduled for the week. Visibility over your business is the key to a successful delivery, as without the knowledge it’s impossible to know if you’re going to succeed.

Technology is always evolving, so if you want your business to keep up with the times then a paperless solution is the only option. Kynection has been coaching businesses into high performance “super teams” for years, using technology as a point of difference as opposed to a an unused and poor performing “pair of sneakers”.

The team at Kynection might not be able to win on the field, but we can get your business up and kicking! Please contact us at contact@kynection.com or 1300 786 272 to discuss how we help you score the winning goal.

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