Electronic Work Diary – It’s your choice now

Electronic Work Diary – It’s your choice now

Interestingly enough, the concept of time, universal as it is today, has not always been part of our lives as humans. It is believed that the measurement of time started in Egypt prior to 1500 B.C with the invention of Sundials. Unlike today, the measurement of time in those days was an unreliable science – affected greatly by weather, seasons, daylight and a variety of other factors. It appears that what led to the development of modern time measurement was the growing acceptance of time as a commodity that could be bought or sold. 

As business owners, for example, we are buying our workers’ time and allocating their time towards different tasks. And we are selling their time combined with our own to our customers – who receive the end result of our work in the form of products or services.

As the understanding and utilisation of time grew, so grew additional skills and knowledge – such as the concepts of duration, longitude, navigation, variation of time, depth of water, astronomical calculations, time changes and more… all of which allowed for a rapid growth in industrialism and trades.

Today we say things like “Time is money,” or – “I don’t have time for this.”  And what we actually mean is that we want our time allocation to be as effective as possible – especially when it is paid for. But a common issue of the modern world occurs when actual work delivery exceeds scoped and paid time. In these cases, you will typically notice the following patterns: 

  • Delays with delivery/assembly/installation/production,
  • Defects or errors and waste,
  • Poor time management,
  • Insufficient reporting, 
  • Missing or unfollowed protocols, 
  • Disciplinary issues, 
  • Miscommunication,
  • Lack of testing and inspection,
  • Various Incidents, 
  • Poor change management, 
  • Issues with payroll, 
  • Unaccounted variations, 
  • Lack of training or licensing, 
  • Delays with obtaining information etc.

One small and seemingly insignificant delay leads to another, and each delay on one job, task or project – automatically delays the next. And very soon you start to notice how the gap between your paid and actual time grows beyond comparison – and leads to what? – Financial losses. 

But what can be done about it?

KIM ONE SYSTEM by Kynection saves you time and money by keeping all of your critical data in one place. Seamlessly combining your HR, Projects, Jobs, Scheduling and Payroll – KIM is your ultimate digital twin! With KIM you can easily manage your jobs, people, projects, plant and equipment in real time – and have your subcontractors’ and employees’ time saved and timely accounted for in real time.

Managing time with KIM is easy… To find out more click here.

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