Effective Job Management with Technology

Effective Job Management with Technology

Workplace technology should enable employees to complete their work faster and more seamlessly, creating a smoother workflow with less need for time-consuming paperwork.

It may be more traditional for job management to be done through paper-based systems, but technology is quickly becoming a more practical solution that will allow your business to thrive and function more productively.

Move your business into the future with a rostering, scheduling and job management all in one place, under one system

Without an efficient job management system in place it is impossible to plan and track all aspects of the daily workflow in the field and in the office to ensure processes are running smoothly. Both managers and field staff need a thorough understanding of the jobs taking place and what needs to be done to complete the jobs, and if this isn’t managed properly it can have negative effects on the business profit and client service.

A digital job management system allows for more accessibility and reduces the amount of paperwork required for every job. Documents and forms can all be stored on the system so they can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. And a digital format that aligns with your processes enhances how you provide job completion information to clients, which may include safety validation or time on site. automatically.

With a job management system in place you can avoid spending hours filling out spreadsheets with data as much of this information can be pre-populated and automated within the system.  As well as avoiding the risk of human error, this also allows your systems to be integrated on a digital platform to provide real-time visibility to field staff.

Is it possible to grow a business without job management?

While most businesses may currently be functioning without a job management system in place, it will be very hard to grow without one. Paper-based systems are out-dated and are much more time consuming, meaning that as your business grows, the administration load will continue to increase and put more pressure on staff members.

This can make it difficult to carry out day-to-day tasks efficiently and ensure that the daily workflow runs smoothly. Without a system in place to manage jobs it is impossible to keep track of staff, assets, and equipment for every job, ensuring that billing is accurate and job profits are measurable. 

job management

Creating a more efficient business

We all know the administration involved with job planning is often repetitive and time consuming, making it much harder to manage a large quantity of jobs at once. Long gone is the need to have a massive whiteboard that provides a view of your labour, asset and equipment availability, inventory levels and certification and training of your teams.

Being able to book, schedule, and complete jobs in one system gives your business a huge advantage over others and removes the need for the rainbow of whiteboard pens and the constant manual adjustments made using your hand or a whiteboard eraser.

A quality focused job management system simplifies the process of managing jobs within your business. Your field staff will be able to provide a higher quality of service as they will have more information available at their fingertips. With safety processes, documents, job bookings, and other forms available on the system, the field staff will be able to view the forms they need and submit checklists in real-time. 

Some of the benefits of our job management system:

  • Take advantage of “mobile first”  design to work offline so you can work in remote areas.
  • Compatible with NFC tags for logging time or completing pre-start checklists.
  • Job scheduling, certification and training, drop and drag crew management, equipment/asset booking, and assigning can be completed in one place.
  • Integrates with other systems and processes, such as accounting, payroll, timesheets, invoicing, safety management, and maps.
  • Link with rate cards for automated invoicing
  • Perfect for employee and subcontractor management and rostering
  • Real-time visibility is available for field and office staff.
  • Automatically provided with quality control and safety processes to ensure compliance against regulation or international ISO standards.
  • Capable of being customised to your processes and procedures.

Job management systems are integral to any field mobility or construction business, and without one in place it will make everyone’s jobs much more difficult. Streamlining the workflow with a digital system that incorporates all aspects of job management into a paperless system will greatly improve the efficiency of your business.

With one integrated system for everything you won’t need to worry about manual data entry anymore, as information can automatically be transferred between databases or across unique business units or sites. The hassle of paperwork will be removed thanks to technology, with the ability to sign on glass and fill out forms at the touch of a button.

Now is the time to analyse the systems your business currently has in place and work out how a paperless, cloud-based job management system could benefit your workplace.

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