Create the Best Business Project Management Software with One System

Create the Best Business Project Management Software with One System

Project management is a complex process that requires high-level skills. It’s not easy to manage projects and it takes a lot of time to plan, monitor, report and close out. If you want to improve productivity within your business and ensure you have visibility over all operations, you need to find the best business project management software for your business.

best business project management software

Seamless communication through a single digital backbone.

Trying to keep on top of all of your projects on paper is complicated. When you work across multiple sites around the city, state, or country, trying to track progress and timelines using paperwork creates a large administrative burden on your business. There’s no way to see data in real-time or get notifications from the field so you can see how projects are progressing.

If you want to be able to  manage and share plans, documents, and RFIs between your different teams and site, you need a digital, integrated system for your business. With one system for managing all operations within your business, it’s simple to ensure data can be transferred easily to those who need it.

When you work on mobile and in the cloud, your team can collaborate in real-time so that you can save your business time (and paperwork). Your entire team, from the office to out on site, will be connected through a centralised database. It’s also possible to connect with your current business tools so that you can see emails sent, access spreadsheets, and view files all within one application. Anyone within your team can instantly access project information and connect with their team virtually to keep on top of all the moving parts of every project within the business.

Customised and configured to your specific requirements

Every business functions slightly differently, even within the same industry. When your business has been operating with the same processes and procedures for a long time it can be scary to think about changing all of this when you transition from paper to glass. Paperwork may be cumbersome, tedious, and time-consuming, but it can also be comfortable if it’s what you are used to. Are teams pushing back from change or are they craving to find better ways?

At Kynection, we aim to make the transition from paper to glass easier for you by solving your specific problems and customising workflows to meet the needs of your specific ways of doing business. That means we can configure different features that on top of what each module already offers, so that you don’t have to change the processes you already have in place.

We want to be able to create the best business project management software for your business, and to do so we are able to offer the following features (and more):

  • Scheduling maintenance, repairs, tasks, and jobs
  • Completing timesheets on-the-go with the ability to log time in a variety of different ways
  • Forced workflows for approval processes to ensure procedures are followed correctly and your business operates safely and efficiently
  • Incident reporting for site workers to ensure risks and hazards are accounted for and appropriate action is taken after incidents occur
  • Having access to quotes and sales information on a mobile device so that information can be updated instantly and customer experience can be improved
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Ensure you have the best business project management software for your business with KIM

If you’re looking for an effective project management tool to help you streamline your workflows, increase productivity and boost team collaboration, then Kynection is the right solution for you. We offer the best business project management software around that is fully customisable to your business.

We’ve developed a powerful software suite, that will enable you to better prepare your projects by providing real-time visibility on tasks, milestones, costs and schedules. With our technology at hand, managing projects has never been easier!

Want the whole KIM package? Kynection creates one system so all your processes can be completed within a centralised database, your digital backbone. As well as creating top project management software for small business, we can also offer a range of other modules and features. KIM-Projects also works really well with these existing modules:

Speak to our team today to find out more about creating one system for your business.

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