Transforming Operations: How Kynection Revolutionised DirectBor’s Growth and Efficiency

Transforming Operations: How Kynection Revolutionised DirectBor’s Growth and Efficiency

DirectBor, a family-owned business specialising in directional boring and civil excavation services, focuses on electrical and communication infrastructure installations. The company boasts a fleet of 143 plant and equipment units, supported by 63 personnel, including direct employees and subcontractors.

Challenges and Objectives

DirectBor faced significant challenges due to rapid growth over three years. Their existing systems and processes were no longer efficient for managing the increased resources and workload. The primary objectives were to maintain client satisfaction and ensure the safety of their employees. The risk of losing key clients and increasing safety incidents was a major concern without an effective management system. Customization was essential due to the specific contractual requirements of DirectBor’s clients. Kynection’s ability to offer tailored integrations was a key factor in its selection over other systems.

Implementation and Results

DirectBor experienced immediate positive results after implementing Kynection’s systems. They began with a phased approach, initially involving a few site crew members to test each module. The centralised system provided easy access and was quickly adopted by the entire staff. The transition to Kynection was smooth, thanks to a gradual rollout of modules. This approach allowed both management and site crews to familiarize themselves with each aspect sequentially. DirectBor received one-on-one support from Brett Southgate, ensuring timely resolution of any issues and continuous learning and usage of the system by the site crew.

Daily Benefits of Kynection

  • Centralised access to all necessary systems and information.
  • Efficient management of assets, employees, projects, and documents.
  • Real-time updates and integration with existing accounting software.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities and greater operational visibility.

Cost and Time Savings

While Kynection represented an investment, its extensive benefits have streamlined DirectBor’s day-to-day operations, leading to substantial cost and time savings. The integration between MYOB and Kynection streamlined payroll and administrative processes, leading to significant time savings. The partnership with Kynection has been instrumental in supporting DirectBor’s growth and operational efficiency. The software has not only streamlined processes but also significantly contributed to maintaining client satisfaction and employee safety. Using Kynection also gained them the title of Business of the year at the 2023 Geelong Business Awards. Kynection was an integral part of securing this award.

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