Reducing Incidents, Distractions and Insurance Premiums: Cartage Australia’s Experience with Kynection’s AI Kameras

Reducing Incidents, Distractions and Insurance Premiums: Cartage Australia’s Experience with Kynection’s AI Kameras

Cartage is an independent tipper transport company. With over 120 vehicles, both on the eastern side of Melbourne and the western side of Melbourne, servicing over 50% of Melbourne’s concrete demand. They supply raw materials, sands aggregates for the concrete industry. They also supply recyclable products for the glass making industry, for instance, colored and manufactured sand. They also dabble in other areas like fertilizer, soil line, and assist in any infrastructure and building projects around Melbourne as well. Cartage Australia has a long history in Melbourne over 35 years in the game, and are striving to grow and to develop and with companies like Kynection they are able to do so easily.


Cartage Australia saw that our industry needed a change. They wanted to take a stance on distraction and road safety. We want to ensure that all of our key stakeholders go home safe every single day. They are constantly growing and have also increased their fleet capacity quite exponentially. Therefore, they needed a module in their trucks that can ensure that:

A: They are covered in the event of an incident. 

B: Their insurance premiums go down on a year to year basis and see that all of our staff, including our drivers, mechanics, anybody involved in operating the vehicle as well as public road users, go home safe on a day-to-day basis. 

They were having challenges in the past, being able to get footage on the fly. Something Kynection were able to bring to the table was a program that was able to allow Cartage access to footage there and then when the accident or an incident was to happen. A crucial Factor when running a fleet of Cartage’s size. Given that their industry operates around the clock, it’s imperative for the safety of their business and the well-being of their employees that they can capture real-time footage at a moment’s notice, with just a couple of button clicks.


Cartage Australia chose Kynection due to its attractive features. Most importantly, around the AI features, distractions are common in the transport industry, and Cartage wanted to pick up every single distraction that their drivers face on a day-to-day basis to improve their driver training programs to improve our accidents and our follow-up. They wanted to ensure that drivers are understanding the increased risks around driving a heavy vehicle. Cartage used Kynection AI training tools to help each and every single one of Cartages employees to be safer drivers. Since the integration of Kynection into half of their fleet, spanning over 8,000 trips, the company has managed to reduce incidents and driver distractions by a remarkable one-third. This remarkable accomplishment shows the significant role that Kynection plays in enhancing the efficiency and safety of Cartage Australia’s fleet.

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