Kynection in the Field with Rangedale

What was the gap that you saw in the marketplace that led you to Kynection?

With the  company back in 2017 we had been using MYOB EXO for approximately five or six years and we came to the sense that the company was growing but we couldn’t grow with the a standalone accounting system anymore, especially on the operational side. We jumped into the market to do market research and to see if we could find an ERP system that would provide us with a good financial solution and an operational solution as well. We were looking into a range of products but the problem with the majority of the databases was that the customisation option was limited, and the second issue was that the systems weren’t designed for a proper job costing operation. 

rangedale and kynection

We came to the conclusion that we needed to split the financial and operational systems and we’ve been looking into a proper system that can manage the operational side of the business with a potential to customise the system to the way that Rangedale is doing business and provide innovative solutions for our remote field services teams. After looking at five or six different systems, we came across Kynection. With Kynection, they promise the full potential and the full solution for a field services company, which means that we can customise the way that the system works and can integrate that into the financial side of the business, but ensure we meet our customer objectives and all our regulatory obligations.

How has being able to integrate with other systems saved the business time?

The most important facet and the challenge that field services businesses face is capturing time effectively, whether it’s the clocking of the field staff, when they are coming to the depot every day, or capturing time in the field. We got Kynection to create a system that would work both for the business and for the field staff to recreate the clocking system. Staff can log into the system each morning before they jump on the trucks and go to sites, and this data is being captured by the system and is integrating seamlessly into the MYOB product which has assisted us to shave potentially 20% of the time chasing staff for the time data every morning. Instead of filling out a daily diary which we would need to input into the system, we are using time data generated automatically by Kynection, which we are inputting into the parallel system inside MYOB for job costing and payroll.

What has been one of the major benefits of working with Kynection?

We managed to get into the situation where the operations manager can make decisions and schedule the daily work flow based on the extremely rich information we are getting from Kynection. One of the main areas where we have managed to gain the most benefit is the OH&S compliance, by making conscientious decisions around the daily scheduling without needing to chase data from the OH&S division. All the training records are updated on a live basis so the data is available for the operations manager immediately. All of the data for services and maintenance is flowing through from the field staff to the operations and OH&S departments, which is a huge time saver. Leave and absent days are being monitored on a daily basis and we can see which staff are available for the next day and whether or not we need to use a temporary solution. We managed to increase efficiency and increase the bottom line profit by at least 10 to 20 percent. 

The second biggest benefit is from the integration with the workshop into the operational system by flowing through all of the data. On a daily basis we are getting the field staff to fill in a vehicle checklist and report faults on the vehicles to the workshop, including all of the service records. These records are readily available for the field staff for their different projects, so that they can present the field services records and the vehicle records to an OH&S Inspector or major infrastructure projects supervisor.

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