Q&A with Ultimate Horticultural Solutions

Q&A with Ultimate Horticultural Solutions

Kynection: What were the key problems Ultimate Horticultural Solutions faced before working with Kynection as a technology partner?

Michael Morgan: We just had too much paper!

Kynection: What was at stake if you didn’t fix these problems?

Michael Morgan: The productivity and compliance of our business was at stake if we didn’t remove the paper and move to a paperless system. Our teams out on site couldn’t carry everything they needed to have on them using paper so they didn’t always have the information they needed on hand. This includes qualifications, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Traffic Control Plans, Herbicide Product Labels, and Road Occupancy Licences.

Kynection: What are some key examples of how the technology helps your business on a daily basis?

Michael Morgan: Having the ability to send information from the site to the office in real-time is probably one of the biggest benefits for our business with Kynection. This allows us to see if the team has been going to multiple sites throughout the day as they can just tick this off on the app as soon as they finish one job. If they complete a job early they have the information on hand to move onto the next site rather than waiting around and wasting time. 

We can also check that they have done vehicle pre-start checklists before they leave the office so that we can get real-time feedback on maintenance issues with the vehicles after they have completed the forms. If there is a vehicle fault nobody has to ring up to report it, they can take a photo using KIM and our operations manager will receive an email directly from the system so that they can see what the issue is and book it in or order any parts needed to fix it. 

The communication capabilities of KIM are definitely one of the biggest helps for us, as it saves someone having to send an email or make a phone call.


Kynection: How did Kynection approach customising the system to suit your requirements during the implementation phase?

Michael Morgan: We started the process with an online discussion with the Kynection team to go over what we were looking for and trying to achieve. Then we provided the team with examples of what we had on paper that we needed to convert to a digital format. After that one of their developers spent a couple of days in the office in Sydney building the foundation of our new system, which they then took back to Melbourne and finished building within their team there.

Kynection: How would you summarise the benefits that Kynection’s provided to Ultimate Horticultural Solutions?

Michael Morgan: In addition to allowing us to remove the paper from our business, it has also streamlined our systems. One of the reasons that we chose Kynection after looking at a lot of other software companies was their ability to customise your system. 

The bulk of what we use our system for is probably the storage of mission-critical information and customised forms. 

Having every product label, every material SDS, Road Occupancy Licences, and more, uploaded to KIM means that the team on site has all that information without having to chase it up with anyone. 

A lot of our problems prior to working with Kynection were around carrying information, especially regarding qualifications and compliance as we do a lot of herbicide spraying. The biggest benefit we have had from Kynection is definitely having a centralised location for storage and retrieval of information.

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