Kynection: What were the key problems you faced before working with Kynection as a technology partner?

Carmel: The main reason that we went with Kynection was to help us get our ISO certification. That was the main thing. Without Kynection, we wouldn’t have been able to do it. 

Kynection: What was at risk for your business if you didn’t resolve these issues?

Carmel: ISO certification is really important for our business. When we apply for government tenders and things like that, we aren’t looked at unless we have ISO certification, so our business growth was at stake if we didn’t get it.

Kynection: What are some key examples of how the technology helps your business on a daily basis?

Carmel: On a daily basis it’s things like our meetings and having the team on site able to access information on tablets. Being able to communicate with them and see what’s going on without having to physically be on site is really useful. Our aim is just to get them away from the paper and using the tablet more often.

Kynection: How did Kynection approach customising the system to suit your requirements during the implementation phase?

Carmel: We had a team member from Kynection working closely alongside us and she was brilliant. Anything that we

needed customising we’d send to her, and then she would help us get that sorted. She got all of the forms we had on paper and put them into the database that Kynection built for us. We basically transferred everything that was already in place on paper onto a paperless system.

Kynection: How would you summarise the benefits that Kynection’s provided to Radeski?

Carmel: The accessibility and visibility that Kynection has given us is really big. My experience with Kynection has been great. Everything that we’ve needed to make adjustments to has been resolved very quickly by the team. We just had to put in a ticket and it was dealt with easily.

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