Kynection: What were the key problems you faced before working with Kynection as a technology partner?

Brian: We’ve been operating for some time and with the COVID lockdown last year, I had time to really sit back and think about what I actually want to do. 

It was really hard to see where my workforce was at. Are they at the job? Is that open? Has it been finished? That used to be a two to three hour exercise to check the hours against the jobs!

The billing wasn’t being done in a timely manner every day. There are only three of us in the office, and we realised we could use technology to take care of that.

KIM has given us the visibility to look at what’s going on within the business financially and on jobs. Now we’ve got KIM hooked into Xero and everything runs smoothly between them.

Kynection: What are some key examples of how the technology helps your business on a daily basis?

Brian: One of the biggest challenges we had goes back to my consulting days of getting staff to do the paperwork. When they close out a job they have to put in their hours, and I usually lock the jobs at about six o’clock at night. By locking the jobs it means I’ve got their hours. If they don’t do it, they don’t get paid. 

With Kynection, I have the information by six o’clock and I’ll just spend half an hour invoicing out really easily. Because everything is there, I just hit the button. So now I’m able to send invoices out and clients are suddenly paying us a lot quicker.

Airtech NZ electrical work

Kynection: How did Kynection approach customising the system to suit your requirements during the implementation phase?

Brian: We’ve now got a really clever piece where the bills out of Xero are sent back into KIM so that we can see them on the screen. It’s been custom-built for our business.

Kynection: How would you summarise the benefits that Kynection has provided to Airtech?

Brian: It’s about keeping the business simple, because too many parts makes things complex. 

I looked at other competitors and they have all the singing and dancing but they have key things missing. You have to do it their way and I don’t run my business like that. I don’t think we’re unique in that. We wanted something that gave flexibility to our business, and that’s what KIM does.

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