Can You Control Three Things With ONE SYSTEM?

Can You Control Three Things With ONE SYSTEM?

There are many things that people once considered impossible until someone came around to prove them wrong. In fact – the entire Guinness Book of World Records is based on exactly that… 

Do you remember the saying “kill two birds with one stone?”

Comedian Ben Bailey has dedicated an entire show to this saying,“The Man Who Killed Two Birds With One Stone,” where he breaks the sentence into questions and conditions that have somehow never been examined… like what size is the stone? What size are the birds? Are the birds placed together? Are the birds stationary or on the move? How many times can you use the same stone for this task and more. 

In committing to build ONE SYSTEM that will be able to manage not just two or three, but ALL business aspects, we have asked ourselves these same questions – What businesses are we catering for? What do they look like? How do they work? Where do they work? Where do they get their services from? How big are they, and so on. 

Therefore, by asking these questions, we were able to build One System that caters for all businesses. Assisting them with their staff management, contractor management, supplier management, customer relationship management and much more all from their mobile devices!

With KIM, you can rest assured that your task management is right up to scratch. Your suppliers are doing the tasks they should be doing and that your customers are feeling happy and satisfied, as you have a strong customer relationship management system in place.

KIM is the simple solution for managing all of your supplier information in one place, ensuring you never lose time or money on keeping up with paperwork. With KIM you can manage your purchase orders, invoices, inventory, projects, jobs and sales all in one place! 

So if you want your business to become efficient and break records – call us now and book your free demo today!

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