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Enhancing Risk Management with Kynection's AI Camera System

Kynection's AI camera system serves as a robust risk management tool for commercial fleets. This integrated in-vehicle camera recording system captures real-time video incidents and provides GPS tracking, enabling fleet managers to closely monitor driver behavior and make informed decisions regarding risk management.

Improving Driver Performance and Safety

In addition to its risk management capabilities, Kynection's AI camera system contributes significantly to enhancing driver performance and safety. The system features advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that promptly notify management of real-time road safety breaches, reducing the likelihood of accidents and enhancing overall driver performance and training. Facial recognition for driver authentication ensures that only authorised individuals operate the vehicle. Moreover, the customisable in-cabin driver training, facilitated by an AI safety assistant, offers real-time feedback on driving behavior, contributing to improved driver safety.

Tamper-Proof Hardware Design for Data Integrity

Kynection's AI camera system boasts a tamper-proof hardware design that minimises SIM and SD card removal, guaranteeing that data is consistently captured and securely stored in the cloud. This data serves as a valuable resource for analysing driver safety and driving practices, assisting organisations that utilise commercial vehicles in reducing incident rates.

Kynection's AI camera system stands as a potent tool for commercial fleets seeking to enhance their risk management strategies, elevate driver performance, and ultimately reduce maintenance costs.

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Case Study | Control IT

After showing the positive impact that implementing Kynection’s technology would have on our business, our application was successful and we received $20,000 which was put towards the setup cost.

Control IT
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Video & GPS Capabilities

  • Trip playback with time-lapse to provide protection against false accident claim
  • GPS tracking with real-time vehicle location
  • Multi-camera installations for forward, driver, and side-facing event capture
  • Automatic data capture and storage to the cloud
  • Simple installation and remote camera configurations

Ensure Safety & Prevent Risk

  • Driver panic button for emergency situations
  • Integrated event-driven alert with resolution management
  • Driver Monitoring System (DMS) to detect drowsiness and distraction
  • Tamper-proof hardware to reduce SIM and SD card removal
  • Facial recognition for driver authentication
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to notify management of real-time road safety breaches
  • In-cabin driver training by AI safety assistant

Speed Management

  • Managing speed breaches is crucial for Chain of Responsibility (CoR) compliance.
  • Kynection's solution ensures CoR obligations related to speed management are met.
  • Effective speed breach data management enhances driver awareness and safety culture.
  • Provides live vehicle data and robust reporting capabilities for comprehensive speed management.
  • Corrective actionable alerts and reports for posted speed zones and custom speed settings.
  • In-depth auditing tools, including GPS, ECM, and altitude data for speed breach validation.

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