Building Stronger Bonds with CRM and Project Management Combined

Building Stronger Bonds with CRM and Project Management Combined

Build stronger bonds with your customers by putting the right information on the label.

From the tender to the project sign off, allowing your customer to be a part of the journey will only make your relationship stronger. At the end of the day, you’re both in the job together and providing customers with access to important information builds stronger bonds.

When selecting a distributor for their craft beer, breweries need to choose one that not only suits their needs today, but will also be appropriate down the track. Have you built intelligent supply chains that can scale with growth? How do you satisfy your audience?

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By operating with CRM and project management combined not only will you be able to manage your progress more effectively, but it’s also easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for. 

You need to think about what is best for the long-term, not right now. If you’re not providing them with transparency then they are unlikely to come back again in the future. Transparency is about honesty and if you can provide a systematic approach to shared information and an open book to success and failure your clients will respect and repeat.

Selling a brand new craft beer might not result in amazing profits initially, but it will build down the track if you ensure the non-glossy elements stand out. The package is important, but the taste, cost and availability are just as important to get repeat business and referrals. It’s the honest bits that matter the most. If you want to succeed in the future then you need to have the mechanisms to engage throughout the customer lifecycle and be inclusive.

Would you rather show your customers that you’re worth coming back to now, or try to win them over again once you’ve already lost them? Putting the effort into CRM and project management combined at the front end will guarantee better results in the long run, for you and for your customers.

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