Preparing for Paperless Fatigue Management in 2020

By Kynection | October 7, 2019

Traditionally, Fatigue Management has always been about processing paper in large volumes.  Many transport operators out there can say that breaches have been discovered – only – after the fact, and once the written work diaries have come back to base. In 2019, we’re now seeing growing numbers of transport operators that are seeking to […]

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Triple Certification

Triple Certification Made Simple with Technology

By Kynection | October 1, 2019

For many companies, getting Triple Certification is something that falls into the too hard basket. For this reason, many operators out there have to just let the opportunities to pitch for government or Tier 1 jobs simply pass by. It’s my firm belief that it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Improve Fleet Productivity and General Safety in One Hit

By Kynection | September 10, 2019

As a company, we are big believers in continuous improvement.   In many ways, we identify with “Kaizen” which is the Japanese philosophy based on continually seeking ways to improve operations. The key element of this principle involves identifying benchmarks of excellent practices and instilling a sense of employee ownership of the process. Having worked closely […]

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Using Technology to Apply Best Practices in Asset Management

By Kynection | September 10, 2019

Having spent almost 20 years helping businesses digitise operations, we have heard some real horror stories when it comes to asset management.   With more and more companies moving away from manual processes to monitor their usage and whereabouts, systems like Excel spreadsheets may let you get a system set up quickly, but it rarely stands […]

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Forced Workflow

Avoid Wasted Time Collecting Data with “Forced Workflows” and eForms

By Kynection | August 12, 2019

We have all experienced the frustration of wanting to bill for a completed a job and the required information is missing, so the process is delayed waiting on another person to provide the data. With the aid of advanced mobility technology, fixing these sorts of problems can change your business.

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Chain of Responsibility

Paperless Compliance of NHVAS Maintenance in 2019

By Kynection | August 11, 2019

Last year emerged as the year NHVAS maintenance and its associated responsibilities were escalated in significance, regulators are now preparing legislation to incorporate NHVAS Maintenance into the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) regime in 2019. Heavy vehicle maintenance is constantly being reviewed by fleet managers and achieving the right balance of cost and investment is challenging, […]

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Fleet Effect has rebranded to Kynection

By Kynection | June 4, 2019

The company has officially rebranded to “Kynection” from May 2019 – with Knowledge in Motion as the underlying tagline.  With it the knowledge and experience gained since 2006, solving Transport Operator CoR and productivity problems through innovative cloud-based mobile technology solutions. The main source of inspiration behind the name is how Kynection is determined to […]

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