Heavy Vehicle Speed Management in 2020

By Kynection | February 25, 2020

Speed Management under CoR has always been challenging with the high volume of speed alert emails and paper based corrective action processes, only to discover after-the-fact that drivers are not breaching based on flawed GPS data. Speed management using GPS solutions has been around for well over a decade, and yet fleets use different criteria […]

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Growing Your Business with One System

By Kynection | February 12, 2020

When businesses begin to grow in size, success generally means more people to manage. The challenging factor is that the more people you need to manage – the more people you need to manage the people! Office based businesses tend to have less administrative impact than field based businesses due to the remote nature of […]

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Using an EWD to Improve Your Operational Efficiency

By Kynection | February 5, 2020

Filling out hours of work and rest manually is a tedious task that requires a lot of time-consuming administration work. Spending excessive time on paperwork means your drivers are spending less time completing jobs out on the road. With Electronic Work Diaries (EWDs), it’s easy to get the job done and manage fatigue risks effectively at the same time.

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risk management

Risk Management in Severe Weather Conditions

By Kynection | January 20, 2020

As we have seen with the recent weather conditions across Australia, severe heat and weather can create a lot difficulties with risk management.

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job management

Effective Job Management with Technology

By Kynection | January 13, 2020

Workplace technology should enable employees to complete their work faster and more seamlessly, creating a smoother workflow with less need for time-consuming paperwork. It may be more traditional for job management to be done through paper-based systems, but technology is quickly becoming a more practical solution that will allow your business to thrive and function […]

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temperature probe

Maintaining Safety Standards with Temperature Probes

By Kynection | January 7, 2020

When it comes to transporting refrigerated freight on the road, there are a lot of risks involved. Managing food safety and refrigerated goods quality is paramount under standards like HACCP ISO22001 and ISO 9001, so if you can’t track the temperature of your freight while in transit then you will be placing your company and […]

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integrated system

Saving Time by Connecting Your Systems

By Kynection | December 6, 2019

Having multiple systems that are integrated to each other makes managing data much simpler. Integration allows information to be transferred automatically between different systems, which reduces double handling and has a major impact on administrative efficiency. For businesses who don’t manage data through integrated systems, most tasks simply take much longer than they should. Having […]

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video incident analysis

Improving Safety on the Road with HD Video Incident Reporting

By Kynection | November 12, 2019

Safety is important for all transport operators, especially when you have many vehicles and equipment running on the road. Ensuring the safety of the drivers also means ensuring the reputation of the business.  We want people to get home safely, but we also know that incidents happen and without an efficient way of tracking and […]

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Improving Workflows with Technology – Timesheets

By Kynection | November 12, 2019

If you run a field-based team, we believe that it’s crucial to capture time accurately and efficiently.  As we approach 2020, we still see many businesses out there that rely on paper-based systems to capture and organise data from timesheets. Without using simple technology, the process of filling out timesheets onsite using paper and becomes […]

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Health and Safety Month 2019

Health and Safety Month (2019) and our Proudest Contributions

By Kynection | October 21, 2019

To highlight awareness for Health and Safety Month 2019, we thought it’d be a good opportunity to take stock and reflect upon some of our team’s proudest HSE achievements within the space. Those who work with us are aware that we’re about helping our clients achieve higher safety standards through technology solutions that: Ensure compliance […]

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