Approved EWD for Q by Quallogi

Approved EWD for Q by Quallogi

Fourteen years ago the Autolync Group launched Australia’s first pilot for an Electronic Work Diary (EWD) with a quarry fleet based in Queensland. 

Fast forward to 2021 and in partnership with Autolync (now Kynection) are super proud to announce that “Q by Quallogi” is now an NHVR approved EWD, our 5th generation and most advanced EWD.

“Q” by Quallogi is the next generation of transport safety, made for owner drivers, labour hire, sub-contractors, and company fleets providing all the essentials you need for managing fatigue, licensing, certificates, speed, GPS location, pre-starts, fault reporting and more.

At its core, Q by Quallogi is more than just an approved EWD; it’s a transport assistant in your pocket, capable of replacing any operator’s existing written work diary, paper prestarts, DMR books, and much more. 

q by quallogi approved ewd

Using Q will save time, costs, and reduce manual compliance and administration. Safety is improved through rest reminders and breach notifications for both driver and operations staff, and can be downloaded free for a limited time after the Brisbane Truck Show launch.

Kynection CEO Courtney Smith states, “We built Q to be Australia’s most simple and cost effective approved EWD to make the decision to move away from a written work diary easy. Q version one has been built ‘ground up’ as a “mobile first” CoR solution, with NHVAS built in, but we have a lot more in store for the market. We know the industry has been asking for an interoperable platform for managing supply chain safety, particularly fatigue and maintenance, and we thank NHVR for our recent approval and for leading the way to a new digital transport industry.”

If you haven’t been convinced already about the advantages of switching to a paperless approved EWD, head to the Quallogi website now to see what an intelligent transport assistant with an approved EWD looks like.

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