Analytics and the Art of Reporting

Analytics and the Art of Reporting

Norwegian playwright and theatre director, Henrik Ibsen, once said – “A picture is worth a thousand words.” and David Noonan (An Australian artist from Ballarat) says – “It is much easier to propose than to execute.” But what could possibly bring these two completely different people from two completely different countries and even points in time together? If it wasn’t for ONE SYSTEM by Kynection, the most logical answer would probably have been – Nothing. 

You see, when we first began moving organisations, just like yours, from paper to glass – we were painting our dreams on a blank canvas. We had a brilliant idea ,we wanted to create ONE SYSTEM that would completely replace lots of other tools – saving organisations lots of time and money. But where do you even start?… Today we have smart dashboards that easily show you any data you can possibly want in real time. You can access your organisation’s financial, project, human resources, safety and maintenance analytics and see how your business is tracking within seconds just by looking at a clean and colourful report that comes with a built-in interactive visualisation tool. You hardly even have to read! – and why would you even want to read when you have a picture worth a thousand words?

In fact, it’s simply amazing to think how far we have come.

We are fully ISO certified for Safety, Quality and Environment. We provide ISO consulting, IT consulting and general business and compliance consulting. We have reporting tools, auditing tools, investigation tools, maintenance tools, project management tools, HSEQ tools, timesheets tools, training and HR tools, analytics and much more. But it wasn’t always like that… 

We have spent years in collaborative brainstorming sessions. We’ve proposed many ideas to each other which were rather challenging to execute… That’s right… a lot of what we sell today demanded lots of hard work and planning. The drive to design a unique product that can eliminate your need of using multiple tools was so strong in all of us that no one could stop us. Perhaps you could say we are obsessed with our idea… Most artists are. And seeing the looks of joy on our clients faces is worth every moment! 

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