AI is The Future to Your Drivers Safety

AI is The Future to Your Drivers Safety

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the type of intelligence shown by machines such as mobile phones, personal computers, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), cameras and more. 

Apart from simplifying our everyday life and allowing us the access to a greater range of personal entertainment options, artificial intelligence features can help us increase our performance, compliance and safety management. 

As artificial intelligence becomes more commonplace on our roads it’s vital that we understand how AI cameras can benefit drivers and assist with safety management. While regular vehicle camera systems can record footage just in case an incident was to occur; there’s no potential for monitoring driver behaviour or using the device as a training tool. They can capture crashes and help you claim on insurance but that’s about all they can do.

Vehicle camera systems differ from one another in various ways and degrees of functionality. And as a company with a very strong compliance background that specialises in delivering ISO Certifiable Integrated Business Management Systems, we always ensure that we provide our customers with the right type of technology based on their needs, requirements, convenience and budget. 

Introducing Kynection’s AI Camera

Here at Kynection, our new AI Camera provides our customers with an extensive range of functions that can be crucial for safety management and successful everyday operations, as well those rare but critical moments when a good footage might just make all the difference. 

Benefits of Kynection’s AI Cameras:

  • Multi-camera installations for forward, driver, and side-facing event capture.
  • Simple installation and remote camera configurations.
  • Tamper-proof hardware to reduce SIM and SD card removal.
  • GPS tracking with real-time vehicle location.
  • Driver Monitoring System (DMS) to detect drowsiness and distraction.
  • Facial recognition for driver authentication.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to notify management of real-time road safety breaches.
  • Integrated event-driven alert with resolution management.
  • Trip playback with time-lapse to provide protection against false accident claims.
  • In-cabin driver training by AI safety assistant.
  • Driver panic button for emergency situations.
  • Automatic data capture and storage to the cloud.

At Kynection, we offer an integrated in-vehicle camera recording system into the overall Compliance and Mobile Productivity System, which provides a number of benefits relating to risk management and driver performance. Through alerts on our AI Cameras , fleet managers can stay informed of developing situations such as accidents, and provide proactive responses and solutions. The addition of AI dash cams to your vehicle allows you to determine who was responsible without any first hand knowledge of the event, meaning that safety and risk management are greatly improved. 

In addition, telematics data provides valuable intelligence about traffic speeders near accident sites and more. It does more than keeping you legally compliant – it helps keep you and your operators safe!

The move from passive recorders to AI-driven active warnings has improved how important information is conveyed while avoiding distraction or confusion by the driver. By integrating an AI Dashcam into your organisation you are taking on a proactive approach to your safety management and also are decreasing accident related costs. AI cameras are the reliable and cost efficient solution to providing a greater peace-of-mind to you and your organisation; ultimately creating a culture of trust and transparency . 

Speak to our team today to find out more about how AI Cameras can benefit your business. 

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