AI Dash Cams – Put yourself in the driver seat! 

<strong>AI Dash Cams – Put yourself in the driver seat! </strong>

Our life is full of interesting, yet unexplainable coincidences. One such coincidence, the tendency to forget certain things, in the time they’re most of need… and here are a few examples:

  • Always having your phone or camera handy – except in the most remarkable or interesting moments.
  • Always looking well groomed and tidy – except when you accidentally bump into your ex.
  • Always remembering to keep a pair of sunglasses in your car – except on the most sunny day of the year.
  • Always keeping your door keys in your pocket in case the door locks – except just this one time…

Have you ever had to pay a locksmith nearly $300 for a 5 minute job, just because you somehow managed to lock yourself outside? Well… The author of this article (who is usually quite smart) somehow managed to go through this process 5 times.

So if you tend to forget things too, and if your life is full of these coincidences –
I feel you, buddy.

In any case, the point is that such coincidences can be frustrating, embarrassing and expensive. Perhaps one of the most frustrating, embarrassing and expensive coincidences is a road incident that involves a truck and your driver (or yourself) – often where the other party may be at fault. However, in many of these instances you are unable to prove this so, due to the lack of a truck AI dash cam recording. Or – when you suspect that your driver is at risk or breaching a road rule – but you have no way of validating your concern and taking action.

Here at Kynection, we understand how frustrating these coincidences are! We believe that with the right technology – coincidences will be no longer! – With a blend of risk management systems and safety management tools in place, you will be prepared for any situation, without exception…

Our truck camera systems provide the ultimate answer to all things “Oh damn… I wish I had it recorded!” 

We can equip your trucks, your drivers and your staff with everything they need to track, 

Monitor and evaluate to improve regulatory performance. Cameras, GPS devices and Third-party tracking dashboards are just the start!  

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