Achieving the Impossible Dream like Xerox with Business Management Software Systems

Achieving the Impossible Dream like Xerox with Business Management Software Systems

To dream the impossible dream

To fight the unbeatable foe

To bear with unbearable sorrow

To run where the brave dare not go” 

The impossible Dream – Joe Darior 1965

Despite the romantic notion of dreams, dreaming alone is simply not enough. As obvious as it may sound, the only way to find out if something will or will not work is by persistently trying and not giving up when we are faced with seemingly immoveable barriers. 

Our world is jam packed with dreamers whose voices will never be heard, simply because they lack the mindset, the passion and the determination to do what it takes to back-up their dreams; to go the hard yards. 

But you are not one of them, since you are reading this article, so congratulations!

Six long decades before ‘The Impossible Dream’ was written and turned into one of the greatest hits of its time, a very special company was born. Today we call this company “Xerox”.

But, Xerox was not an accidental success, or an inherited business. It was not even a consolidated effort of a few wealthy and well-connected stakeholders. Xerox was simply an ‘impossible dream’ that one man dared to attempt. The triumph of Xerox is a direct result of one man’s persistent “I think it can work,” response to thousands of rejections.

By the end of this article you won’t believe anyone who tells you that something can’t be done.

But to begin with, let’s look at it through the eyes of ISO. And in particular, let’s explore the concepts of needs and expectations of interested parties, risks, opportunities, continuous improvement and technology.

Prior to becoming Xerox, Haloid was a much smaller company, led by a man called Joseph C. Wilson, who understood that success depends on profit – which depends on growth – which depends on new ideas – which come from creative individual minds. 

It has always been a core value of Xerox to foster, cherish and inspire the ideas of its employees. And Xerox understood very well that amazing rewards and innovations come from seeing the market needs that have not yet been identified by others. In fact there was a time “to Xerox” meant to copy, so maybe this inspired Google with “I’ll google it” too?

In essence, Xerox had a simple enough idea – to create an automatic copy machine that will transfer printed information from one page to another. But back in the early 1900’s, this idea was neither easy to achieve nor easy to take to the market. It involved commercialising a complex and rather inefficient six-step process and selling it to companies that had no idea they needed anything like it, let alone that it could even work. Yet, this same idea not only worked – but also started a huge office-copying revolution during one of the hardest times in history – The Great Depression, which was exactly when Carlson noticed the constant shortage of carbon copies and recognised the opportunity!

Even though our aim here at Kynection is to eliminate paper alongside the very need for photocopying or printing, we are deeply inspired by the story of Xerox and by their continuous drive for innovation and advancement.

Today Xerox continues to cherish the ideas of its staff and technology as they evolve together inside the world around, by fostering and recognising hidden needs, just as naturally and organically as they started back in 1906. Today Xerox specialises in 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and even Cleantech. 

Xerox is fuelled by innovation and game-changing technologies. And just as close to our hearts is the fact that Xerox is not only busy winning awards – but it also does a great deal of fundraising and charity support work. 

So, as you can see – Xerox recognised it’s key interested parties, which included its employees who were its human backbone and ideas factory, and its customers who maintained a growing demand and hunger for more and more tools and solutions. 

Through a continuous evaluation of its position in the market, its performance and its risks and opportunities, Xerox managed to maintain a trend of growth, innovation and evolution. Xerox will not just fade away into the void of time once the world moves completely from paper to glass – but it will find a way to make glass better, and maybe even go beyond it…?

What is your impossible dream? Is it to sort out your inventory? Is it to win more customers? Maybe you want to open another branch? Recover from the COVID-19 impacts? Gain an ISO certification? Improve your HR process? Whatever it is – our Inventor’s Notebook, our business management software systems, is open and we are ready to help you re-invent your future with technology using our digital backbone KIM!

KIM allows you to enjoy a range of useful tools through our business management software systems such as electronic forms, workplace communication, road maps, risk management technologies, timesheets, knowledge audits, digital asset management, customer relationship management, task management for teams and more. 

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