Accounting Integration Made Easy With One System

Accounting Integration Made Easy With One System

You may find that as your organisation continues to grow, there is an increased demand for more applications to cover different aspects of your business. If you are using a management system and an accounting system such as MYOB or Xero, why not integrate the two to simplify your business operations?

Imagine a world where you have ONE SYSTEM, one application to manage all your business operations…… and this ONE SYSTEM could seamlessly integrate with your chosen accounting system. No need for the extra costs of multiple systems or time consuming manual data entry!

This is what we call an integrated accounting system and it’s something that many businesses are already utilising in their daily business operations. The reason why this integration has become so popular? Well, at first glance there seems to be not much of a difference between individual applications; however when combined together these various tools allow us to access information from anywhere and on any device.

An issue for many businesses is transferring key company records into multiple databases manually, often adding a significant administration burden. This means that when finance teams are forced to manually input data into multiple databases, it is time consuming and presents risks associated with human error. Integrated accounting systems are the key to success for any business. They can save you hours each week by cutting out administrative tasks, like rekeying information in different systems or printing documents that will eventually be thrown out!

An integrated accounting system is like a well-oiled machine, making the flow of data easy and error free. The process saves you time by not having to enter information from order management manually into your multiple systems; instead it’s all done automatically! With an integrated accounting system you can ensure that your financials are always up to date.  

‘KIM’ by Kynection is an Integrated Business Management System, which is all about business – and holds your best interest close to heart. ‘KIM’ is a “Through and Through” business management system, designed to provide your business the best gap closure tools – to make sure your business meets all of its operational and business compliance requirements and obligations at all times. 

Benefits of using an Integrated Accounting System: 

  • Ensures more reliable data entry
  • Reduces human error from manual data entry
  • Saves you time and money
  • Track your businesses data in real time
  • Easily manage your finances from the palm of your hand, anywhere anytime

The manual process of taking information from an order system and entering it into your accounting software is time-consuming, prone to human error with potential devastating consequences. With the help of an integrated accounting system, data entry is a thing of the past. You no longer need to worry about double entries or forgetting any one single piece within your businesses financials because this innovative software has everything under control for you! By utilising a standalone accounting software like Kynection’s, there’s no need for extra work. In short, by using just One System, you can manage all of your accounting needs in one place. This saves time and money by eliminating the need for additional software or manual adjustments-everything is right at hand with an integrated business intelligence tool!

What can be an easier way to achieve and maintain integrity in business than using just ONE SYSTEM to run your operations? 

One of the solutions that ‘KIM’ provides is an Accounting Integration – our Accounting Integration allows you to connect ‘KIM’ with any accounting package of your choice – and run your entire operation with ONE SYSTEM – seamlessly, easily and with maximum comfort. 

‘KIM’s Accounting Integration allows you to – create and generate invoices and purchase orders, create and process payments, organise and manage your inventory, control your project cost centres, track outstanding payments and much much more. 

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